The most popular Passwords 2020

Once a year, the Hasso Plassner Institute publishes the “List of Shame” – the TOP 10 most popular passwords 2020: what it looks like this year and what companies can learn from this list …

December 22, 2020|

Terminals as a Trojan horse for hackers

There is no question that the cyber landscape is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. At the same time, companies often forget that printing systems, telephones and multifunction devices must also be integrated into their own IT security strategy.

October 26, 2020|

Cyber Threats from COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 and the lockdown that came with it, many threat scenarios have become much more important for companies. We provide information on the most common attacks and the protective measures that go with them.

October 20, 2020|

Password Rules – Protection or Risk?

Employees are often dictated to change their passwords at regular intervals as well as its length and complexity. Are such guidelines even effective? We say quite clearly: “Yes and No!” Why it can be both advisable and even dangerous to stick to clearly defined rules when protecting passwords …

July 24, 2020|

The GDPR Review

Two years have passed since the introduction of the Europe-wide data protection guidelines. The first court decisions have been made and sanctions have been imposed. Time for a summary: What has changed for companies since the EU-GDPR introduction, which fears have come true and how does Password Safe contribute to more data protection conformity?

May 12, 2020|
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