5 Steps to Cover up your digital Footprint

Your company is only as secure as your employees are. According to recent studies, more than half of those surveyed use their passwords both privately and professionally. If your employees have been hacked, there is at least a 50:50 risk for your company. So what tips can you give your employees when it comes to security questions, social media, etc.?

1. Weak point security Questions: Lead a double life

We don’t want to spoil your good manners. But sometimes security is a little off the truth. You know them: The annoying security questions that there is no way around. With a truthful answer, however, you have already opened a gate to your private data. Thanks to social media and search engines like Google, your private data can be quickly hacked by brute force attacks. So here’s your chance to play James Bond for once. Get yourself a new (even if only digital) identity. And deliberately give the wrong answers.

2. Lying is not enough – How you can trick security questions

Sometimes it’s not enough just not, to tell the truth. For more data security, a bit of fantasy is also part of fibbing. Which town did you grow up in? Even if it wasn’t New York – your newsfeed on Facebook reveals that this is your secret dream city – and a pretty popular one indeed. Because humans always fall back on well-known information. Even if they seem to be invented. The name of your pet: You never had a pet? Now you owned the desired Golden Retriever named h/k<+Fo=Bg9. As with Password Safe, you can automatically generate random answers, which are stored there encrypted. So simple, so brilliant.

3. Cover your tracks: Spring-clean of your data

Everyone leaves their mark on the net: Do you remember back then? MySpace, MSN Messenger, … The list is endless. All these are outdated services that were once very popular. And with many of these services your account still exists – including photos, a news feed, and so on. In addition, there are the still active accounts of you, which are already dusty as they are no longer visited. So, let’s get rid of it. Give up any unnecessary ballast. Your digital footprint will immediately be more manageable.

4. Secure important accounts with a second factor

Much better than security issues: Use additional hardware such as the Yubikey in combination with Password Safe. This two-factor authentication will greatly reduce the risk of attack. The Yubico key works like a front door key: Once securely stored, it cannot be imitated and only you have access to your data!

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March 26, 2019|
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