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The Basic package with the key functions
  • Centralised team database
  • Role-based access control
  • Rights management up to the field level
  • Password guidelines
  • Document management
  • SSO / agent / browser add-ons
  • Integrated RDP and SSH client
  • and much more…
from €99,-
The Expert package for added safety

All from Essential and...

  • Auditing and reports
  • Notification system
  • Task scheduler
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-eye principle
  • Password masking incl. SSO
  • Offline access (HTML webviewer)
from €299,-
Enterprise Plus
Privileged password management

All from Enterprise and...

  • Licence management pro OU
  • Service accounts detection
  • Managing privileged  accounts
  • Password reset
  • Session recording
  • Session monitoring
  • HSM integration
  • API
available soon

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*  The Essential and Professional plans allow for max. 1 application server; the Enterprise plan allows for max. 2 application servers. Any number of application servers may be used in the Enterprise Plus plan. (You will need to purchase each application server separately)

*  External tools are required for the functionality (Microsoft Load Balancer or other load balancers).

* External tools are required for the functionality (Microsoft SQL Server)